Zombie Apocalyp-tic-80


Survive as long as you can, killing enemies to gain experience and enhance your abilities. Reach level 10 and defeat the final, daunting foe to beat the game.


  • Z - Reload Weapon
  • X - Shoot Weapon
  • S - Special Ability
  • A - Menu

Weapon Abilities

Successful shots grant you combo points. These are "ammo" for your special ability and do not consume any real ammo from you inventory. If you miss any shots you will lose all aquired combo points.
Each gun has a different ability and talents can increase the number of combo points that may be stored.

  • Shred -Uses 1 combo point. Damages enemy over time and can be applied for a multiplied effect.
  • Stun - Uses 1 combo point - stuns enemy for 2 seconds and subsequent shots guarantee a critical strike.
  • Exploder - Uses 1 combo points - Enemies upon death shoot shrapnel out in all directions.

Item Pickups

  • Ammo Pack - Gives upto 75% of the clips capacity to the player.
  • Health Pack - Restores 15 health to the player.
  • Damage Up - Increases weapon damage by 5%.
  • Crit Up - Increases weapon crit by 1%.