A tip off regarding illegal experiments leads to investigation of the Emeraldo Corporation's research sites.

Agent Red is assigned in verifying the claims and finds things are much worse than previously thought. Her job is to gather as much intelligence as possible, rescue survivors and survive the monstrosities that lurk below.

- 6 levels of first-person arcade shooter action. Navigate the island complex, finding secrets and rescuing survivors.
- Utilise 6 weapons to fight back foes - pistol, shotgun, double-barrel shotgun, double pistols, sub-machine gun and the mighty lightgun.
- 3 tuned difficulties.
- Save your progress - Return to the last level you reached with all your items, guns and ammo. No need to play through in a single sitting.

Available to download here.
Release date: 28/10/20 | Platforms: Windows 7/8/10, Linux

Terrorists have invaded and taken hostages in the Emeraldalo Corporation's headquaters. Agent Foldon is assigned to infiltrate the building, dispatch the terrorists and rescue any surviving hostages.

The game contains 6 levels of first-person arcade shooter action. Navigate the building, finding secrets and working your way up through the building. Obtain 3 weapons, the pistol, sub-machine gun and shotgun to aid in your fight to the top of the building.

Available to download here.
Release date: 07/09/20 | Platforms: Windows 7/8/10, Linux, Mac

In a land now now consumed by shadow, a soul is awoken with the task of cleansing the usurpers and reclaiming their power.

Delve through dungeons and caves slaying monsters and growing your power. Find weapons and armour, then tailor your stats to your style of play. Should you fail, simply try again....and then again. If you still fail, drain the eminence of your foes until you overwhelm them

Available to download here.
Release date: 30/07/20 | Platforms: Windows 7/8/10, Linux, Mac

The kingdom of Lostacean is embroiled in war and desperate to turn the tide by any means possible.
Captain Rua comes to in the castle's lower quarter after delving too far into the Maester's plans. Everything is not as it seems. Something has swept across the castle leaving death in it's wake. Captain Rua must search, survive and escape the castle. Maybe the dire situation of the Lostacean Kingdom can be salvaged with the capture of the Maester.

Embark on this short adventure. Explore the castle, defend against the possessed and solve puzzles to survive the disaster. Find clues and discover what transpired through written accounts.

Available to download here.
Release date: 07/07/20 | Platforms: Windows 7/8/10, Linux, Mac

On a routine mission to clear up an illegal research facility, members of team delta are ambushed and killed my an unknown throng of aggressive mutants. Agent Red finds herself to be the only survivor. She desperately needs to cling on and survive until backup and evacuation arrive. Level up your skills, earn unique abilities and survive against waves of biological abominations in this twin stick shooter.

Available to download here.
Release date: 11/06/20 | Platforms: Windows 7/8/10, Linux, Mac

Repulser: Invasion of the Aspect

Repulser is an old school, dos-styled shmup. Take on the Aspect with a selection of 3 different ships, 3 upgradeable weapons and an experimental beam super weapon.
The game spans 10 levels across two chapters.

Available to download here.
Release date: 12/2/19 | Platforms: Windows 7/8/10, Linux

Zombie Apocalyp-tic-80

Zombie Apocalyp-tic-80 is a prototype arena shooter developed for the open-source Tic-80 fantasy console. Choose a weapon and blast your way through 10 levels. Earn talents and collect upgrades from fallen foes. Play by clicking here.

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