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Point Rescue: Arcade Development Updates

Civilians - 02/10/23

What's that? Two updates in two days? Well don't expect that to continue. Time is scarce and so I have to make the most of when I have it which means updates will not be consistent. But as seen as I have had more time, I thought I'd just share an update on the civilians.

What is there to say really? Civilians are present to trip you up and ensure that you aren't just accurate but in control of your reactions. Currently there are just the two behaviours: Step out of cover and run from one location to another.

As far as gameplay goes, simply don't shoot them and they will be "rescued". This differs from the alpha gameplay, in which you had to shoot an enemy that was considered (at least code-wise) as their captor. This means you didn't always "rescue" civilians. I'm not sure whether there was much point to this as you have to shoot all enemies to clear a wave. There were enemies that didn't count to the wave so...maybe the mechanic should be changed back to as it was in the alpha demo but I can iterate on it.

I think for now, I'll just let it settle and continue with implementing the other core features of the game. Currently, health and weapon pickups are still missing. Enemies that throw objects at the player are also still missing, so once full parity is achieved I'll think and experiment further with gameplay mechanics. Not to mention not even one full level from the demo has been implemented yet so...yeah much work to go but nothing too mentally taxing....Almost forgot about the bosses.
Well, until next time.

Playable demo(in-browser)

HUD and Slowmo Reimplementations - 01/10/23

So with development starting up again, it has been a steady process of porting everything from the Godot 3.X version to Godot 4.1.1. After the alpha demo released, it was plainly obvious that the code was simply not sterdy enough for further features and refinements.
I had very much patched things together as well as possible to get the demo released. I attempted to refactor and fix up what was there, but the structure of everything was far too much of a mess.

With Godot 4 introducing static functions and variables along with fixing the circular reference bugs, I thought I may as well give Godot 4 a try.
So far, everything has been great, only a few annoyances but that was due to things moving or being renamed.

I thought in this first post I would demo the HUD, slowmo and destructables reimplementation. The game is very much nearing parity with the alpha version, but with a codebase that will enable me to better introduce new gameplay mechanics, enemies and bosses.

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