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Point Rescue Nutlet in MM Splice Crisis 2 OPR: Out the Office OPR: Deja Vu
Affliction Rescue Heir of Eminence Repulser Zombie Apocalyp-tic-80

Continuing on from the terrorist incident at the Emeraldalo Corporation's headquarters, Agent Foldon uncovers schemes and projects far more horrific than could be imagined. All was not what it seemed at, or rather below, EMC's headquarters.

  • 23 levels spread across 2 routes.
  • 7 weapons: pistol, dual pistols, shotgun, double shotgun, sub-machine gun, light gun and laser rifle
  • Choose from 3 tuned difficulties
  • Take on 2 unique boss enemies
  • Save your progress, no need to play through in a single sitting
  • 2 unlockable modes - Giant Head Mode and Lightgun Mode
  • Switchable graphics mode: low-resolution or clear, crisp high resolution
  • Retro midi-like soundtrack downloadable as flac and ogg. Includes tracks from Office Point Rescue Deja Vu.

Download here.

Release date: 24/08/21 | Platforms: Windows 7/8/10, Linux